HyperLedger Iroha – Setup and Configuration

  It wasn't straight forward for me to setup Iroha, so, I decided to document here the steps , in case I forget ( I do within a week..) HyperLedger Iroha in docker environment using a Linux system (Debian or Ubuntu): Make sure docker and docker-compose are installed in the system. If not, sudo apt-get install docker docker-compose Clone the git repository to some local directory as follows: git clone https://github.com/hyperledger/iroha -b develop In the cloned repository, from the BASH shell, run the scripts/run-iroha-dev.sh. This will perform the following (will take some time to download the docker images from network): Docker instance for the build environment with a BASH shell mounted on /opt/iroha Docker instance for the redis server with server listening in the port number 6379 Docker instance for…
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