Connecting volunteer and the needy using twitter

During the recent historical deluge, I was witnessing helplessly on the various social media networks, where volunteers looking for the victims and victims looking for various essentials from emergency rescue contacts to water, food and other supplies. Especially,  on the twitter both help and needs poured in and there were good Samaritans  like @rj_balaji, , FM Radio stations and  many others pitched in to bridge these two. But it was not easy to run through a large list, keep up-to-date, as prompt response was the need of the hour.

I thought why not automate it and help mutually discover each other? that’s how this twit_sos idea born, thought there could be one such app already,  scored the web but did not find any. I’m sure this may not be an unique idea nevertheless I’m happy to introduce a new platform that links volunteers to the needy and mutuall discover each other!.

If you are a volunteer, try e.g.  offer <space> food <space> contact <your mobile no>

You will receive all the contacts who are in need of food. The red highlighted ones are mandatory

Similarly if you are in need try e.g.  need <space> food <space> contact <your mobile no>

You will receive all the contacts who supply food. The red highlighted ones are mandatory.

Twitter is a fantastic platform, simple and the text length 140 makes it even more interesting. I have used direct message DM concept to store the contacts of volunteers and the ones in need. This is how it works.

DM can be sent by only those who follows, so, now it follows @rj_balaji and me @sivakd. In directly they have become the ‘admins’.  if the same message {offer <space> food <space> contact <your mobile no> or need <space> food <space> contact <your mobile no>} as DM to @twit_sos , by either @rj_balaji or  @sivakd the entries will be stored in the list.

We can do so much using this DM, we can configure, add/modify/delete records and make someone as admin in no time. isn’t it great..?!

Now , there are a few dummy entries, Try it and let me know. You will receive tweets in your timeline if you follow else in notifications! ..also, the server goes down on and off.. In case it says tweet already sent, try deleting the tweet or add a few extra char or number and try!

for mutual discovery try as below..note the offer or need

need water contact 9xxxx xxxx

 offer blanket contact 8xxxx xxxx

to add to the database try as below, note the “add

 add  need water contact 9xxxx xxxx

 add  offer blanket contact 8xxxx xxxx

…finally I made one of the many ideas that I have, into a, really useful platform.. but God forbid!! Hope we won’t have another disaster to put this into use!!