Who am I?

My colleague called and said that the company was listing software projects that were green (eco friendly) asked whether my team had done any. I remembered one such project called Green Print. This is a cool desktop application worth raving about, so, I thought why not do so? If I can’t brag myself who else would!! Here it is!

I quickly checked, Green Print ,to my surprise, the app is still around. It was way back 2005-06 I got a call from sales guys that there was a sales lead on printing app, I was leading (and still am) a team on MS Windows device drivers and wanted to discuss with the client. The requirement was, just a one line and simple, “develop an application to detect waste pages that are sent to the printer and prevent them from being printed”, client asked “is it possible?” I thought for a while and I said, yes it’s. My role is to assess the tech feasibility (POC) and then if it’s feasible, form a team of experts and realize the idea into a salable product.

We agreed to move ahead with a POC and then rest was history!! and the surprise element was, when the product was launched, it was reviewed by none other than the Walter S. Mossberg!! we were all thrilled! !

When I look back now, my strength is making ideas  into products, help realize startups to launch the ideas to the market!! I have worked on a few more ideas too, Billboard for Mini-Cooper, that would recognize/wish a Mini owner when he/she drives by , Storage over IP (SOIP) for Zetera, where I had the privilege of working with the original patent holders of the HDD!!

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  • Sivakami

    Hello Shiva,

    Truly happy to see your startup and focus areas.

    Hope to see you as a game changer in transforming everyday life through the cut-throat technologies under Ojas’ arena.

    All the very best!

  • Sivakumar D

    Hi Sivakami, Nice to hear from you and such a good wishes. Thank you. Wish you all the best



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