What can Text Analytics do for your Business?

Corporates, either big or small, gather large amount of data in terms of customer feedback, product/service reviews, surveys and complaints etc. Most of the data are text based and some cases like rating. And it takes large effort to understand, categorize, and act on it.u00a0

Often a Management is faced with process/performanceu00a0 improvement challenges like

  • Is it possible to monetize the data?u00a0
  • Is it possible to reduce the effort and get reliable insights?
  • Is it possible to improve the performance of the staff who deal with customers and customer satisfaction
  • Is it possible to use the data in everyday decision making?
  • ..and many more

The answer is Yes!u00a0 That’s where Cognitiveu00a0 Analytics comes in, esp Text Analytics

What Is Text Analytics?

Text analytics is all about, making sense of text or language. It is about processing unstructured data into structured data, bringing in context to the data to get insights.

Technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) have come long way and today we can use them reliably to automate mundane tasks like

  • Classifying Customer feedback text into positive or negative, or rating 1 to 10
  • Categorize complaints and act on it
  • Automate Q&A where Customers get their regular questions answered without human intervention.

How Business can leverage Text Analytics

Here are some of the tools and technologies that can deployedu00a0

  • Sentiment analysis to process customer feedback
  • Clustering Customers for effective marketing campaignsu00a0 u00a0
  • Classification of complaints and plug into ERP or ticketing systems
  • Monitor real-time on business process that deal with the customers/markets

What Ojas Labs can do for you?

Ojas Labs has expertise to set-up a Cognitive platform that fits to your Company needs and policy.

  • In-premise Platform, integrate with existing ERP or Corporate network. using industry standard platforms like Apache Spark ML oru00a0Proprietary Ojas Labs’platforms.u00a0
  • Use Cloud platforms like Azure ML, Amazon ML and use Industry level scaling for a global reach.